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Intown Jewish Preschool

What Are Our Parents Saying?

“My children are always smiling when I pick them up from the Intown Jewish Preschool. They are proud to show me all the new things they have created and cant wait to tell me all they have done and learned.
The teachers are thoughtful and attentive. They love my children. I know when I drop my children off at IJP they are going to be loved and nurtured in an environment that allows them to grow in their own ways and in their own time”

Parent Elana Genut Menkowitz

“As a parent (and music teacher) I was impressed by the way that movement and music are incorporated into every aspect of the IJP day. They are not taught in isolation, but are integrated seamlessly throughout the day, whether through singing about the seasons or transitioning from one activity to another.”

Parent Adina Rudisch, teacher at “The Music Class”

“Being a teacher for over fifteen years now, I know the value of good education, which is beyond any cost. Coming from Israel to Atlanta three years ago, we realized that we would like our kids to have a Jewish education here. We were hoping to find a school that would support our basic values and would be a place that our children would be happy to go to and spend their days with people they can trust and love. It was by accident that we came across IJP and at time of crisis for us. Dena Schusterman’s warm welcome was beyond our expectations. Her commitment and willingness to assist us with all we needed gave us a true feeling of home.
During the last two years we also learned how committed and professional IJP’s faculty and management are. The IJP teachers’ focus is on the kids’ progress and not merely on the final goals of the curriculum. This enables the kids to experience real moments of growth and learning. The Jewish content and values are integrated into general fields of knowledge like language, math, science, art, social skills and more. I find this approach highly effective and embracing as well. From our experience, the kids’ interests were always the main engine for learning in class at IJP. My daughter knew that her teachers always listened to her and that her words are being taken seriously. For me, this is what brings the joy of learning to a child and I hope my daughter will have that throughout her school years.
Thus, I see IJP not only as a fabulous source for Jewish education for my child, but also as an excellent school with a nurturing atmosphere and as a warm and happy environment. There is no greater happiness for a parent then seeing their child walk into class self-assured, with a big “good morning” smile on his face. We are so happy to see our daughter eager to go to school and doing it with such a joy and confidence!! I wish these things to every family!”

Parent Snait Ben Herut, teacher at Paideia School.


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