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Intown Jewish Preschool

Brief Overview of New Guidelines

  1. Pick up & drop off will be outside on the carpool line ONLY with daily temperature and well checks in place to ensure children are being admitted without any signs or symptoms of illness.
  2. Increased sanitation procedures will be in place. Including frequent sanitizing high touch surfaces and additional custodial services throughout the day and every evening.
  3. When possible social distancing will be provided. Children will have opportunities to sit or nap with distance.
  4. Group sensory play will be suspended. In its place, children will be provided with their own sensory bin of play dough, sand, seeds etc..
  5. All plastic materials will be approved for use while clothes, toys, pillows, dress up and soft surfaces that can not be sanitized will not be used.
  6. Rest time essentials will be sent home weekly on Friday to wash, but they must be sent to school in a sealed bag for storage.
  7. If there is any suspicion or confirmed case of Covid-19, we will notify our licensure, the CDC, parents, and close the facility and follow the CDC guidelines before reopening.
  8. Handwashing prior to entering the classroom and the many times during the day will be monitored by staff.
  9. Staff members will wear a mask and or face shield during the day when feasible.
  10. Parents report to IJP if they think they were exposed or have Covid-19. 


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