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Intown Jewish Preschool

Tuition 2022-2023

Tuition 2022-2023

The Intown Jewish Preschool provides excellence in early childhood education. We use “best practices” and strive to make our programs accessible to the entire Jewish community. In the spirit of serving all potential families, we are rising to the challenge to meet the child care needs of our Intown working families.

This new expanded program combines the core curriculum of the Intown Jewish Preschool with the new schedule to meet our working families’ needs.

The schedules below reflect a regular school year schedule (September-May) and a full year (12 month) schedule. The new initiative includes the basic options of the IJP daytime curriculum with additional enrichment, early care and full day options.

If at all possible, we want to accommodate your schedule. If your schedule doesn’t work with any of the options outlined below, please contact us so we can develop an individualized plan.

School Year

AgeDays9:00-1:00  Day9:00-3:00Enrichment8:00-3:00Early + Enrichment8:00-6:00 Full Day
12 mos.- 2 yr2 days$4,223$5,579$6,510$8,446
12 mos.- 2 yr3 days$5,579$7,607$8,870$11,406
12 mos.- 2 yr5 days$7,607$10,143$11,830$15,835
2 yr2 day$4,223$5,579$6,510$8,446
2 yr3 day$5,579$7,607$8,870$11,406
2 yr5 day$7,607$10,143$11,830$15,835
3 yr3 day$5,330$6,469$7,545$10,143
3 yr5 day$7,183$9,501$11,085$14,780
4 yr5 day$7,183$9,501$11,085$14,780
5 yr5 day$7,183$9,501$11,085$14,780

12 month school

* Including preschool session, holidays and summer camp.

AgeDays9:00-1:00*Core Day9:00-3:00*Enrichment8:00-3:00*Early + Enrichment8:00-6:00*Full Day
12 mos.- 2 yr2 days$5,072$6,696$7,938$10,143
12 mos.- 2 yr3 days$6,696$8,932$10,267$13,683
12 mos.- 2 yr5 days$8,932$12,161$14,190$19,003
2 yr2 day$5,175$6,831$8,094$10,340
2 yr3 day$6,696$8,932$10,267$13,683
2 yr5 day$8,932$12,161$14,190$19,003
3 yr3 day$6,386$7,763$9,046$12,161
3 yr5 day$8,622$11,406$13,310$17,736
4 yr5 day$8,622$11,406$13,310$17,736
5 yr5 day$8,622$11,406$13,310$17,736



A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 is due with all applications. There is a Playball Fee and a PTO (parent association) fee. A sibling discount of 5% is available.

Scholarships are available based on needs and availability.


Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Program is from 1:00 – 3:00. Enrichment fees are charged separately for those that elect to use these services and are due on a monthly basis. A discount is offered for those committing to a semester and for paying in full.


5-Day Priority Policy

Priority is given to children enrolled for the 5-day program. If we receive application for a child seeking 5-day enrollment for a full class, we will offer a child enrolled fewer than 5 days the choice of enrolling for 5 days or losing a space in the school to a 5-day enrollment child.



Our school is eligible to receive non needs-based funding from the State of Georgia. The total tuition for these core programs is $8983. The tuition amount reflected above reflects a subsidy of the difference between the actual tuition you pay and the subsidy. This is based on us having been able to raise the actual SSO fees. If we don’t you are only obligated to pay the “Actual cost to you”. If we do, we will draw those funds from our SSO account not from you. If you have a particular need we are happy to consider assistance from this fund as well. Please contact us for more information. More information about the SSO program can be found at:


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