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Intown Jewish Preschool


Our Team

The adult’s role in children’s journey is to support and facilitate their growth and development. To assume this role, to teach young children, is a great privilege and responsibility. Teaching is a mission – a valued and time-honored Jewish tradition.

We look for teachers who are passionate and will offer a nurturing experience for the children.

Our teachers have a deep understanding of children and the way they think, and have the desire to create meaningful relationships with the children. All our teachers believe in the importance of seeing each child as an individual. Our teachers plan and adapt the curriculum and the environment to meet the needs of each child.

In the Reggio Emelia approach, the teacher sees herself as a learner – alongside the children – open to new thoughts and ideas. The teacher listens carefully to the children, observes and documents their work, and provokes and stimulates their thinking. As teachers, we are committed to strengthening and enriching our knowledge of young children by continuing our own education.

Mrs. Dena Shusterman
Executive Director

Education and children are my passion. I have been involved in early childhood education for 15 years. I am continually curious and interested in how young children learn, and then work hard to implement these best practices into our school fabric. It is my pleasure to be part of a school that is based on this value of being a life long learner and creating an environment where we love to learn. “I have learned a lot from my teachers but it is my students who have taught me the most” (Ethics). As the founding director, it is a privilege to spend my time around our young friends. They consistently inspire me. I look forward to a year of living and learning with all the staff, children and parents at IJP.

Mrs. Elie Estrin

“In the early years of development, children form who they are as individuals and learn respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on their interests.”  As I begin my first year at IJP, I feel fortunate to have found a warm, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to discover the world around them through a variety of experiences.  Having directed a Jewish Preschool for 7 years and been involved in early childhood for 10 years my passion for early childhood education is focused on supporting each child to reach his/her potential. IJP is an exemplary preschool that meets the needs of each individual child.

Our teachers are teachers who encourage our children to reflect, to be independent, to explore, to cooperate, to negotiate, to wonder, to love and to laugh.

Mrs. Leah Sollish
Lead Teacher Kitah Alef (12-18 months)

I am delighted to be part of the outstanding IJP teaching team again. I received my teaching certificate from Chaya Mushka Teachers Seminary in Montreal in 1998. Following that, I taught for several years in schools around the world, including those in Johannesburg, Seattle, Morristown and Honolulu. I am so excited to have the opportunity to educate children. I believe that each child is a whole world, and that they should be treated as such. I believe that my job is to respect each child as an individual and to recognize their own unique qualities and to help them grow and flourish. I look forward to a year full of joy, discovery, and growth.


Mrs. Kim Asher
Assistant Teacher Kitah Alef

Kim has a Master’s Degree and counseling experience for over 15 years. With her knowledge and background she is able to support each child to grow and development to his or her potential. She has been a part of IJP since its conception. She is a part of the foundation and continued growth of IJP. Kim believes know our roots are very important. It is the foundation that enables us to successfully live in our world where so much uncertainty takes place. Judaism to Kim is a way of being. It is how we live our lives and make our world a better place. A Jewish education is unique in that way. It is not just about “I” it is also about “We”. How we are all here together with different gifts and purpose – yet the same goal. Kim loves the kind hearted teachers and people in the preschool and feels very welcome. She especially loves seeing the little faces and the big beautiful eyes of all the kids.

Mrs. Susan Robinson
Lead Teacher Kitah Gimmel

Morah Susan comes to IJP with decades of experience in early childhood education. She has always loved being in school. Susan has been involved in Jewish education for many years because she enjoys sharing the joy of learning with children. For several years, she’s noticed the warm, encouraging learning environment that IJP offers to all the children and their families.  She is very proud and happy to consider IJP her new home! Susan has an Education degree from Georgia State University.  She is married to Rabbi Israel Robinson and they have several grandchildren.  During her free-time, she likes to visit areas around Atlanta, crochet, read and, of course, visit with the grandchildren.


Mrs. Sara Davis
Assistant Teacher Kitah Daled/Hey

I was born and raised in Atlanta and I am so excited to be returning after a few years in the NY area.  During my time in the NY area, I taught at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, a Jewish day school with over a thousand students.  I feel blessed to have been working alongside teachers who have helped me grow my passion towards Early Childhood education in both Judaic studies and secular studies.  I am excited to take all I have learned and join the IJP family. Since I joined the preschool staff, I have enjoyed working with the faculty. Everyone is warm and friendly, and giving. I see the teachers as being very organized, creative, and very dedicated to the children and their individual needs

Mrs. Ruth Freundlich
Lead Teacher Kitah Daled/Hey

I feel privileged to partner with the parents of IJP in laying the groundwork and planting seeds to help your children develop the self confidence, and find the tools they need to flourish as life long learners. I carefully attempt to identify each child’s unique strengths, creating a context to stimulate curiosity and questions, and most importantly feel happy and safe. My approach to learning is multisensory in nature. This allows children to better internalize and more keenly grasp what is being taught. A famous Rabbinic dictum teaches that nothing is more precious to G-D than the learning of His young children. This has inspired me as an early childhood educator for over twenty years. I look forward to another fantastic year at IJP.


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